मिटटी सिटी | Mitti City (or City of Soil) is a collaborative public art project lead by Cole Swanson in Ramganj Bazaar, Jaipur, India. In association with The Open Space Society (TOSS), Uday-Waldorf Inspired School of Jaipur, and Contree, community members of various ages illuminated the biological activity on an historic rooftop in Jaipur’s old city.
 Using only unrefined, locally harvested mineral colours, the bacteria, lichen, moulds, and fungi proliferating upon the rooftop’s surface were traced over a two-day period. The artwork muses on the agency of earthen media in forming and transforming the spaces in which human beings live.
 Ramganj Bazaar is an historic, culturally complex community found within the walled city of Jaipur.
 The untreated space exhibits a range of growth by various colonies of microflora offering an engaging opportunity to examine acutely the myriad of ways biological activity might transform a centuries-old stone substrate.
 After an artist talk on past projects ( Lecanora Muralis ) and workshops in paint preparation and colour application, approximately thirty five community members responded to the biological activity present on the site using unrefined pigments designed to interact with microflora and dissolve/dissipate over time.  Photo credits: Hitesh Adwani, Megha Bhatnagar, Cole Swanson
 Photo credit: Hitesh Adwani
 Vendors within Jaipur’s walled city markets provided regionally-harvested pigments  from local minerals.
 The mineral colours used in  Mitti City  include Indian red (हिरमिच), red ochre (लाल गेरुआ), burnt sienna (गेरु), yellow ochre (पीला गेरुआ), and chalk white (सफेदा).
 Photo credit: Hitesh Adwani
 Held in July, 2018, the project elapsed during the monsoon period in Jaipur. Light rains amplified colours before washing them away.
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