Sacred Bone , latex paint on glass, Unilever Detergent Factory, 2017.   Believed by ancient Greeks and Romans to be the seat of the soul, the sacrum has been fashioned as an icon for the exhibition, a window through which the world outside of the factory can be contemplated. The city skyline, public infrastructure, industrial architecture, and spartan wild growth can be viewed through different sections of the installation. The work offers a counterpoint to the interior space of the factory in which cattle byproducts were processed to create the detergent soap exported by the Unilever company.    Image courtesy of Sandra Osonjik, 2017
  He was a thing  (left),  Pastorale Bovinae (Day and Night , centre and right), and  Sacred Bone  (centre right). 
  Pastorale Bovinae (Night) , cattle horn, wood, steel, paint, and field recordings.  This piece positions the listener as a bovine individual wherein multi-layered soundscapes of the cattle world emanates from the hollow horn crusts of a previously slaughtered animal. In this iteration, an evening soundscape produces sounds from insects, owls, distant trains, and the rhythmic sounds of cattle breathing. 
 A selection of abstractions in cattle bone char pigment ( Bone Black,  right) appear as meditations on the offcuts of animal industries. 
 Pastorale Bovinae (Day), 2017  Daytime soundscapes of cattle fields provide listeners with punctuated auditory experiences of buzzing flies, crickets, grasshoppers, crows, far-off automobiles, overhead airplanes, and the wind. 
  He was a thing , Spray paint text installation on factory drum, sound installation (cattle lowing), 2017.    He was a thing  beckons viewers to circumambulate an industrial drum, filled with remnant detergent material from the bygone days of the Unilever factory. On the cylindrical form is an excerpt from Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 (1953):    THERE WAS A FOOLISH AND YET DELICIOUS SENSE OF KNOWING HIMSELF AS AN ANIMAL, COME FROM THE FOREST, DRAWN BY THE FIRE. HE WAS A THING OF BRUSH AND LIQUID EYE, OF FUR, AND MUZZLE AND HOOF, HE WAS A THING OF HORN AND BLOOD, THAT WOULD SMELL LIKE AUTUMN IF YOU BLED IT OUT ON THE GROUND.       
  EDIT, Expo for Design, Innovation, and Technology , Unilever Detergent Factory, Toronto, Ontario, 2017. 
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